Rivkin Private Wealth
Built on 80 years of combined expertise and established in 2010, the Private Wealth team specialises in crafting wealth strategies. Serving a diverse clientele that includes entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, fiduciaries, and stewards of family wealth, the team is renowned for its financial acumen. Most importantly, the suite of investments has stood the test of time, earning clients' trust. The team’s primary objective is to provide investors consistent risk-adjusted returns.
Rivkin Report
First published in 1997, the Rivkin Report has a long-standing history of providing self-directed equity investors valuable ASX stock research and market insights. Today, the Rivkin Report provides model investment portfolios designed to provide absolute returns, with the flagship Events Portfolio, along with data-driven growth and income portfolios of Australian and US shares. Members benefit from the 200+ hours our investment team spends each week managing our portfolios as well as curating the most relevant market news and analysis.
Rivkin SMSF
The Rivkin SMSF team provides expert services in SMSF establishment, administration and compliance, which remove the hassle from running your own superfund. When you invest with Rivkin, the administration of your SMSF is even easier, as your investment information is consolidated in one place. Services are provided at competitive flat fees, regardless of the fund’s size or complexity. What’s more, all Rivkin SMSF clients receive a complimentary membership to the Rivkin Report.